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Like having your own personal studio
with a built-in studio manager.
Let's get straight to it. Studios are extremely expensive to run. Photogroup was founded to support emerging and established photographers and videographers with an affordable space to create.

Why Join? Members of Photogroup get access to an impressive facility centrally located here in Austin. We are just a blink from downtown.
Check out our studios:

We customize each membership to suit the needs of our members.
Every month our members get together and discuss their work, client challenges, technical issues, how we can support each other, etc. Each meeting begins by exploring an educational component followed by discussion. 
Meetings lead by: 
Every shoot you do here is supported by our staff 100%. We treat every shoot as if our biggest client ever is walking in and that could be you. You will thrive creatively here. We've seen it for over a decade.

  • Unprecedented access to any of our studios.
  • Work space as needed. 
  • All equipment is can be included for your shoot. 
    • Our equipment catalog is extensive and varied. We have almost anything you can think of. ​
  • Staff assists you as your assistant if needed. We have over 60 years of lighting and shooting experience in-house. We help you achieve your vision every shoot.

The investment and overhead of building and maintaining your own personal studio can be daunting. Not only taking money from your bottom line but also taking time away from doing what you like most, being creative. To support Austin based creatives, we have designed our membership program to allow you to have all the benefits of your own space with none of the pitfalls. Your dues are fully tax deductible and we provide you with not only a facility but also a supportive group of creatives that you can reach out for help and advice. 
Is this for you? We hope so. Apply below for a facility walkthrough and a staff introduction. 

We look forward to meeting you.
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